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Watch: The Truth About Enzymes
Dr. DicQie Fuller , The worlds leading expert on enzymes.

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The extraordinary benefits of enzymes

  • Strengthen the body's immune system
  • Alleviate tiredness and boost energy levels
  • Improve digestion & absorption of nutrients from food, minerals and vitamins
  • Improve metabolic cell function
  • Promote healthy cholesterol level & blood pressure
  • Enhance skin & complexion
  • General maintenance and wellness

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are essential for every chemical reaction that takes place in our bodies, from helping to facilitate digestion, to absorption of nutrients, to activating our immune system, to producing energy and the elimination of waste. These are all crucial functions that make human life possible. Enzymes are not only the foundation of human life, they are fundamental to good health.

Enzymes allow the following processes to happen within the body:

Digestive enzymes activate nutrients

So, where do enzymes come from?

Our pancreas secretes 50% of the enzymes used for digestion, the other 50% are supposed to come from raw foods. However with today’s environmental pollution, raw foods are tainted with residuals of chemicals and pesticides which are linked to causing cancer. In addition, enzymes are destroyed when foods are processed or heated above 48°C. All forms of cooking, frying and microwaving are destroying nutrients to some degree but more importantly it destroys 100% of the enzymes, so there are no enzymes in cooked or processed food.

With the modern western diet consisting of roughly 90% highly processed and cooked foods, our digestive system is overworking and is overstressed and we're actually taxing our pancreas. This is just another way to say that we're overburdening our body thus our digestive system is not able to work as efficiently, leading to all sorts of digestive diseases and disorders that’s more common now than ever before.

Have you ever experienced a ‘food coma’ or a 'food baby' after lunch or a big meal? This happens because 60 – 80% of the body’s energy is used to break down food. If we’re putting in cooked and processed foods into our body that are 100% enzyme-dead, we’re placing the full digestive burden on the body, which can cause extra stress on the digestive system, leading to incomplete digestion. As a result, vital nutrients may not be released from the food for full assimilation by the body.

YOR Digest Ultra

YOR Digest Ultra contains plant-based digestive enzymes (the same enzymes which naturally occur in food) and can help break down food into smaller particles so you get more nutrients from the food you eat, increasing the rate of digestion of all foods allowing your body to access the nutrients inside faster, and replaces the digestive enzymes that are inevitably missing from our diet.

Individuals can expect to notice:

  • Less uncomfortable fullness after meals
  • Increased energy
  • Faster emptying of the stomach contents
  • Decreased gas
  • Regular bowel habits

These digestive enzymes are the key to unlocking and utilising all the nutrients in your food resulting in your body having the ability to produce far more energy.

YOR Repair Ultra

These highly active enzymes and antioxidants works with the body's own natural processes acting as a natural anti-inflammatory and will help to heal your body on a cellular level; nails, muscles, hair, skin, tissues etc. The unique combination of enzymes and antioxidants in YOR Repair Ultra will help to promote healthy circulation, support the natural repairing process of muscle tissue therefore helping ease muscle soreness caused by physical strain, exercise, or sports-related injuries.

YOR Sculpt Set

The Sculpt Set is the ultimate weapon to fully power the Thermo-Activation process! It is designed to help you reach peak physical condition and total body transformation by helping to increase muscle-building, boost energy levels, power workouts and improve workout and recovery time.

  • 4x YOR Shake
  • 1x YOR SuperGreens
  • 1X YOR Muscle Energy (US & MX ONLY)
  • 1x YOR Probiotics Ultra
  • 1x YOR Berry Blast
  • 1x YOR Repair Ultra
  • 1x YOR Digest Ultra
  • 1x Shaker Cup and Pill Box
Sculpt Set

YOR Slim Set

The Slim Set provides an advanced level of Thermo-Activation support to help you slim down, build lean muscle and boost energy and metabolism. The road to a thinner healthier and more vibrant you starts with the delicious YOR Shake. It is designed to satisfy your hunger, curb cravings, balance energy levels and turbo-charge your metabolism. All while controlling calories to help you loose weight and get fit!



  • 4x YOR Shake
  • 1x YOR Probiotics Ultra
  • 1x YOR Berry Blast
  • 1x YOR Digest Ultra
  • 1x Shaker Cup and Pill Box
Slim Set

YOR Go Green Set

We've selected the best range of products and packaged them into our Go Green Set, so you can get started immediately on obtaining health you've never experienced.

To help you get optimal results from the Go Green Set and any of the products, we've compiled a suggested product usage regime:

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  • 1x YOR SuperGreens
  • 1x YOR Berry Blast
  • 1x YOR Fiber Plus
  • 1x YOR Digest Ultra
  • 1x YOR Probiotics Ultra
  • 1x YOR Essential Vitamins
  • 1x Shaker Cup and Pill Box
Go Green Set

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