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Why YOR Health?

Many people wake up and go about each day feeling tired, fatigued and run-down. We are conditioned to think that this is how 'normal' is meant to feel. Soon we forget what it's like to spring out of bed every morning and feel really good. And this is why...

Average Mineral Content in Selected Vegetables 1914-1997

Sum of averages of calcium, magnesium and iron in cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes and spinach.

Sources: Lindlahr 1914, Hamaker 1982, US Department of Agriculture 1963 and 1997

This graph illustrates the decline of nutrients in our soil over the years.

You know the salad you ate earlier today? It does not measure up to the vegetables that our grandparents used to eat. The soil has lost up to 72% of its nutrients in the last 100 years as reported in The 1992 Earth Summit Report. Coincidently, the Earth’s population has also grown 4 times from what it was 100 years ago. Our economy races to supply the demand of an exponentially growing population. The only problem is that when the population grows quicker than the Earth’s resources, corners are cut. Quality is compromised for convenience, and mass consumption is met with mass production. How does this affect the food we grow and eventually eat? Mineral-deficient soil produces mineral-deficient foods. And mineral-deficient foods produce mineral-deficient people. No wonder so many people complain of fatigue and lack of energy...many of us are poorly nourished.

A lot of us are making an effort to eat healthy but we're left with little hope. Suppose you eat a salad everyday for lunch, this would be considered by many to be a wise healthy choice. You might be surprised to learn that although it may be healthier than a burger and fries, it isn’t necessarily ‘healthy’. The nutrients you expect from the salad are missing.

Mineral depletion since 1953

A study conducted at UCLA in 1997 compared the Iron in samples of spinach from 1997 with those grown in 1953. Guess how many bowls of the spinach you would have to eat in 1997 to get the same amount of nutrients and iron content as one bowl of spinach grown from the same soil in 1953? 43 bowls of spinach! To put things into perspective, we are now beyond 2015 and things haven't improved. Our food is not as nutritious as it used to be, putting our health at risk, yet many people will not accept the need for quality supplements.

This is why we need to properly nourish ourselves with the aid of quality supplements to fill in the nutritional gaps in our diet. Countless studies show that nutritional supplementation can positively affect your health.

With proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle:

  • 80% of all heart diseases in women is preventable
  • 60% of all cancer-related deaths could be prevented
  • 90% of all type 2 diabetes is preventable

YOR Essential Vitamin

YOR Essential Vitamin comprises of a powerful blend of potent vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, fatty acids and green superfood spirulina, and the proven enzyme blend gives you peace of mind that you are absorbing everything. Features 100 mg of the powerful energy-producing antioxidant CoQ10 to help support a healthy heart and cardiovascular function; designed to give you the nutrient energy boost you need to support your busy and stressful lifestyle.

YOR Shake

YOR Shake packs the most nutritionally enhanced proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that is delivered in the most convenient and calorie-controlled way so that you're always satisfied and never left feeling hungry. These pre-calculated meals are only 140-204 Calories per serving, have less than 1 gram of sugar and are low in fat, meaning that you can take all the guesswork out of dieting and concentrate on what's most important. Unlike other shakes on the market, YOR Shake contains the enzyme blend that allows our body to absorb it, as unused protein is one of the most toxic things we can put into our body. Available in Chocolate and Vanilla it tastes delicious!

YOR Berry Blast

YOR Berry Blast is a revolutionary blend of 19 all natural fruits and berries, natural caffeine, contains less than 1 gram of sugar and only 10 calories. All incorporated with our patented enzyme activation system, you can expect to experience amazing benefits of sustained energy throughout the whole day without the crash. It's a great natural alternative to coffee and calorie laden energy drinks but of course without the nasty negative side effects!

Tastes great mixed with our SuperGreens.

YOR Sculpt Set

The Sculpt Set is the ultimate weapon to fully power the Thermo-Activation process! It is designed to help you reach peak physical condition and total body transformation by helping to increase muscle-building, boost energy levels, power workouts and improve workout and recovery time.

  • 4x YOR Shake
  • 1x YOR SuperGreens
  • 1X YOR Muscle Energy (US & MX ONLY)
  • 1x YOR Probiotics Ultra
  • 1x YOR Berry Blast
  • 1x YOR Repair Ultra
  • 1x YOR Digest Ultra
  • 1x Shaker Cup and Pill Box
Sculpt Set

YOR Slim Set

The Slim Set provides an advanced level of Thermo-Activation support to help you slim down, build lean muscle and boost energy and metabolism. The road to a thinner healthier and more vibrant you starts with the delicious YOR Shake. It is designed to satisfy your hunger, curb cravings, balance energy levels and turbo-charge your metabolism. All while controlling calories to help you loose weight and get fit!



  • 4x YOR Shake
  • 1x YOR Probiotics Ultra
  • 1x YOR Berry Blast
  • 1x YOR Digest Ultra
  • 1x Shaker Cup and Pill Box
Slim Set

YOR Go Green Set

We've selected the best range of products and packaged them into our Go Green Set, so you can get started immediately on obtaining health you've never experienced.

To help you get optimal results from the Go Green Set and any of the products, we've compiled a suggested product usage regime:

View product usage regime

  • 1x YOR SuperGreens
  • 1x YOR Berry Blast
  • 1x YOR Fiber Plus
  • 1x YOR Digest Ultra
  • 1x YOR Probiotics Ultra
  • 1x YOR Essential Vitamins
  • 1x Shaker Cup and Pill Box
Go Green Set

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